Right to a site for personal usage for life: Not the real and/or physical ownership of the land associated to the membership.  Permanent and/or attached improvements remain with/on the site.

The site attached to membership is "approximately" 2400 square feet with dimensions of approximately sixty (60) feet long and forty (40) feet wide. Measurements depend on the terrain. 

​All existing memberships are purchased from the current members.  The price is negotiated between member and prospective buyer.

Recurring Monthly Fees to the Park:  $202.52/month: includes water, trash, use of park amenities, cable and internet; plus, electricity** and a 12% park maintenance & utility fee***

Contact the Park Office at 951-943-7233 for further information.

Long-Term Rental sites are available NOW (no waitlist)!

Call our office ASAP for details & pricing!